After-Care for Shower Glass
After-Care for Shower Glass


After-Care for Shower Glass

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All-in-one specialist cleaner for the routine maintenance of ClearShield Eco-Glass® in showers that cleans and enhances the protection in an easy-to-use trigger spray. Specially formulated for use on ClearShield Eco-Glass® and ceramics as well as most metal and plastic surfaces.

  • Non-abrasive specialist cleaner
  • Improves hygiene in the bathroom
  • Enhances the benefits of ClearShield Eco-Glass® for an even longer lasting performance

Directions for use 

- Spray the after-care  on your shower glass

  • Scrub with a sponge 
  • Rinse with water 
  • Use a squeegee to wipe 
  • For dirty glass with limescale, use a limescale remover instead

Pack size - 150ml