There is a solution to dirty marine glass! Our international sister-company Ritec Marine Services offer cruise lines, ferry companies, super yacht owners, shipyards, and ship window / balcony manufacturers a complete and unique service. This specialist service helps to keep glass on marine vessels looking like new, whilst reducing water and crew time requirements for its cleaning, and maximizing passenger satisfaction.

On exterior glass, Ritec ClearShield®:

  • improves visibility and appearance for increased passenger satisfaction

  • makes cleaning easier and more effective

  • resists staining by saltspray

  • reduces cleaning frequency, especially in areas difficult to access


Recommended for glass surfaces on the bridge, lounge, canopies, deck lido, poolside surround glass and more.

On interior glass, Ritec ClearShield®:

  • resists staining and discoloration

  • resists limescale build-up in shower and spa areas

  • improves passenger satisfaction

  • reduces frequency of cleaning


Recommended for glass surfaces in cabins including shower enclosures, spas, and on all types of decorative / sandblasted glass.


Unique technology and service: Ritec ClearShield® Protection prior to maiden voyage

The contamination of glass surfaces starts long before the ship’s maiden voyage. The construction process is very aggressive to glass, in spite of protective films being used. Glue left over by those films, paint deposits, silicone sealants and deposits of mineral salts create a cocktail of contamination that all contribute to stained and dirty glass, and create higher costs for ship yards and cruise lines.


Ritec’s ClearShield Eco-System® for the renovation, protection and maintenance of glass ensures all windscreens, balconies, cabin windows and all public areas are clean and transparent for the ship’s maiden voyage, and remain that way in the future. It is a green technology that reduces energy and water use and avoids the use of harsh and polluting cleaning agents.


Ritec Marine Services, based in The Netherlands, are the experts in renovating, protecting and maintaining marine glass. Their teams of highly-trained and experienced applicators are brought in during the final phase of construction of the cruise ship. They carry out a specialist deep clean to remove all glue, paint, silicone sealants and mineral salts deposits, regaining the ‘as-new’ appearance, sparkle and transparency of the glass.


The glass is then protected to ensure it remains that way for as long as possible. At sea, and especially during the inauguration voyage, crew members may spend less time cleaning glass, using less water doing so. Passengers can take in the amazing views.

Glass Renovation

Glass already contaminated is renovated whilst the ship is in port or dry dock, fitting in with normal operating and maintenance schedules. This process removes all contaminants that have not yet etched the glass during the corrosion process. The surface is restored to a pristine ‘as-new’ appearance, ready for the application of Ritec ClearShield® to upgrading to ClearShield Eco-Glass®.