Treat Your Glass With Our New Clear-Vision® DIY Products!

Treat Your Glass With Our New Clear-Vision® DIY Products!

Introducing the new Do-It-Yourself Clear-Vision® for Glass & Ceramics Kit and Clear-Vision® for Vehicle Glass! Based on award-winning durable Ritec ClearShield® glass surface protection polymer technology, you too can enjoy the same ‘non-stick’, easy-clean benefits in and around your home and on your vehicle!

First up is the DIY Clear-Vision® for Glass & Ceramics Kit. Ideal for shower glass, glass splashbacks, mirrors, boat windows, tiles and any other vitreous surface, this makes upgrading your ordinary surfaces easier and faster than ever before. Inside the kit are two bottles, Glass & Ceramic Surface Cleaner and Glass & Ceramic Protectant, as well as a pump spray head, professional-grade microfibre cloth and a pair of disposable powder-free nitrile gloves.

Once applied, the protection resists all kinds of staining and makes cleaning much easier and quicker and helps to maintain a sparkling appearance. Additionally, Clear-Vision® protection resists the adhesion of bacteria, making it more hygienic for shower enclosures.

Next is a super easy solution for vehicle glass and mirrors: Clear-Vision® for Vehicle Glass. Once applied, this enhances the clarity of your car glass, makes the removal of bird droppings a doddle thanks to its ‘non-stick’ protection and ensures a pristine appearance.

Both products are free from PFAS (contains no forever chemicals) and nanoparticles. They are available from (UK and Ireland residents only) at super low prices. So treat your glass surfaces, they will appreciate it!